the ARTcade

Expect Awesome

Let’s face it – we all like them! We want MMA to be a safe hang out space as well. We have a space for playing video games, board games and card games in our down time. 

We have a large screen projector for your movie viewing pleasure too.


We want the studio to be a place you want to hang out at even when you are not making art


What We Have

Whats In There?

Now that you know about it your probably thinking “What games and things are in there?”- Well we have a Xbox 360, Wii U, and a playstation. We also have games for all different ages. But what if you don’t want to play video games, well we also have slot cars and board games.

And just to top it off we have a theater with an asortment of movies.


And by the way its fine if you don’t want to do art that why we have the ARTcade. So come down anytime well be happy to help you.