The first rule of Art Club is to tell all your friends about Art Club! The second rule is to have fun while creating art and making new friends. Experiment with different types of art and mediums in a after school club setting. Topics will be picked my our instructors and driven by student interests. Our focus is on creativity, socialization in a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

The class is booked for 2.5 hours, 1.5 hours of which will be dedicated to the art instruction and project while the other hour will be dedicated to a structured social time for the students. This time can be spent doing homework, with help from their peers and/or teachers, creating art/free drawing, or using any of the open facilities we have at MMA such as a small retro arcade.

Students are free to arrive at any point up to the start of the project at 5:30! 

Each weekday, after the first, that you sign up for is further discounted! From 10% off for 2 days, up to 25% off the whole order if you sign up for the whole week!


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